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Gift Website Design
Gift Website Design
e-Productline Project Process
Initial Website Consultation:
  • Discuss with client the general needs and desires for a new website.
  • Discuss color scheme, shopping cart features, specific content pages required, and general overall website specifications.
  • Review all current catalogs and flyers to determine the company image and product brand.
  • Have client fill our the Website Project Questionnaire to provide us with the necessary company and product line data needed to furnish a written Website Project Proposal.
Written Website Project Proposal:
  • Present client for review and approval a written proposal for the type of website desired.
Client Data:
  • Receive from client product information, product images, and company data to be used in the building of the website.
Website Design Layout in Photoshop:
  • Phase #1: Provide the client with various examples of website layouts for them to review, so they can choose the desired look and function of the new website. Create the home page and product pages so the client can review and approve the final look.
Building e-Productline Website Online:
  • Phase #2: Set up IP address and Build Online the Website Database, Structure and Shopping Cart. Upload a sample of products into the database to allow testing of the function.
  • Phase #3: Client's preliminary review
  • Phase #4: Complete uploading of products and company data into the Website
  • Phase #5: Set Up Email Addresses for the Clients's Domain Name
  • Phase #6: Client's Review of Finished Website & Take New Website Live
After Website Goes Live:
  • After Website Goes Live:
  • Make adjustments to fix the live website if needed.
  • Train client on Administrative Panel function so they can add/delete/change data on website.
  • Maintain hosted website files, IP address and SSL certificate.
  • Maintain shopping cart functions.
  • Maintain email addresses.
  • Provide Customer Service to client via phone and email within 1 business day.

As a website architect I am in charge of your website project. I am the "Project Coordinator" who works with and supervises my website project team. Our "Project Process" is to develop your website design layout, set up your website hosting, build your website structure, test company data functions, and complete all company data uploads.

Project Coordinator:
As the one in control of your website project, I am experienced at coordinating every aspect of your website project and available to help you make good choices and meet time requirements. I will be there from the planning phases, during the online building of your website, the day when your new website goes live, and after whenever you need us to answer questions or make new changes.

With over 15 years experience in the gift industry, I am able to understand your concerns, talk your talk, and able to show you that I understand how to align technology with what is important for your company. I am the bridge between you and technology. In a way, as an architect I must be someone who is part Business Consultant, part Graphic Artist, and part Geek.

Most website companies are concerned only about getting the project done and not concerned about how your website looks or how it functions. We do not use "Good Enough" as our quality control but our "Pride of Ownership" as our guiding compass.

Our best clients are those that have tried other website companies, knowing the frustrations of trying to work with someone who does not understand their type of business or product line. They may have spent thousands of dollars on a project and have very little to show for it. They may have a relative that has been working on their website for months but have not completed even the home page. These bad experiences make them justifiably concerned about another bad experience. I can assure you that your experience with us will be rewarding in every way. Our specialty is ecommerce product line websites. After you have been working with us, you will wish you had heard about us earlier.

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