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Gift Website Design
  It is our goal for you to have a state-of-the-art e-commerce Gift Website. Our e-Productline Website is designed to have all of the features and options imaginable to make your website the most effective website in the gift industry and one you can be proud to promote. Please review the information below and let us know if you have any questions.
e-Productline Standard Features
(included in every website)
Website Hosting:
  • Website hosting with e-commerce certified servers.
  • We maintain the hosting files and the functioning of the website.
  • If you have online credit card processing we provide you with a dedicated IP address and the SSL certificate required for online data processing.
E-mail Addresses:

All e-mail addresses desired for your domain name are set up and maintained.

Website Structure:
  • Our website structures are very user friendly because they follow industry standards.
  • The website contain a header banner to set the mood of the website, as well as content banners for easy communication to your buyers.
  • It contains all of the core content pages such as Home, Category, Product, About Us, Contact Us, and Login.
  • There is a Follow us box that can contain links to your Twitter and Face Book pages.
Administrative Panel:

Allows client employee to add/delete/change all data on the website including product updating, putting product on special, featuring products, changing header and banners and content boxes, backing up database, sending out newsletters, processing orders, printing invoices & packing slips, and more.

Product Features:
  • Our Product navigation allows for unlimited products, categories and sub-categories yet maintains a user friendly structure.
  • Gift products can be easily linked and or copied to multiple categories.
  • Our product information includes product Image, Item#, Name, Description, Price, Shipping Weigh, and Inventory Quantity.
  • Our product search box allows products to be searched by key words contained in the Item #, Name, Description, Price, and more.
  • There is a Featured Product section on the home page where you can display products that are instantly seen when a buyer comes to your website.
  • Minimum quantities and units can be set for each product or group of products.
  • Individual products or group of products can be put on special.
  • Product are listed in Categories and Sub-categories for easy user friendly shopping.
  • Out of stock products can be marked "Out of Stock" or not displayed.
  • All images are displayed as any size thumbnails with a zoom feature to show them in a large pop up image.
  • Style attributes can be assigned to products so they can be offered in variations.
  • Alternative product images such views as side, back, top, bottom, inside and close up can be displayed on product page to provide maximum product details.
  • Cross Selling of other products are suggested to customer during shopping and at check out.
Shopping Cart Functions:
  • Allows your gift buyers to shop your gift store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Order history of prior orders can be reviewed by buyer.
  • Buyers are notified of the status of their orders by e-mail.
  • Provides estimated shipping expensed before checkout.
  • Shipping methods include US Postal, UPS, Fedex Ground & Express as desired
  • Payment methods include Credit Card online payment, Check/Money Order, COD, PayPal as desired
Website Visitor Counter:
  • Automatically tallying the number of visitors to your gift website, the number of website pages viewed, and the number of times each gift product is viewed.
  • Reports who is currently online
SEO - Search Engine Optimization:

Site map, rich content, and meta tags allow for easy indexing and higher page ranking by search engines.

Customer Functions:
  • Gift Product Reviews: Customers can write a product reviews - administrative approval option is available.
  • Wish List: Gift buyers can create a list of gift products they would like to review again in the future.
  • Referrals: During Login the gift buyers are asked "How did you hear about us?" so you can see which of your promotional methods are working.
  • Check Out Questions: you can ask questions of gift buyers at check out to make you more informed about what your customers are thinking.
e-Productline Feature Upgrades
Wholesale Shopping Cart Upgrade:
  • Password protected areas as desired to restrict viewing of product and/or prices until login
  • Extra Content pages such as: Trade Show Schedule, Sales Reps, Custom Design, and Product Facts
  • UPC #added to other product details
  • Minimum Order Amount which can be different for opening orders and re-orders

Advanced Product Type Upgrade:
  • Pricing by Quantity Unit
  • Multi-level pricing
  • EZ quantity or dollar amount discounts
  • Pricing by various sizes
  • Name Drop Products - Advanced attributes allowing Name Drop Specifics to be provided during online transaction
  • Custom Design Products - Attributes allowing specific design files to be uploaded during online transaction
Advanced Shipping and Payment Methods Upgrade:
  • Custom table rates for shipping
  • Custom Payment Methods
Advanced SEO - Search Engine Optimization Upgrade:
  • Advanced Meta Tags and Key Words
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