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Gift Website Design
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Proudly featuring our unique
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We are exactly the company you need to turn to for assistance with a project to develope a new website.

  • We specialize in designing Websites for the Gift Industry.
  • We have over 15 years experience in the Gift Industry.
  • We design your website to generate sales by focusing on what is important to gift buyers; your unique product line.
  • Our website structure is clean, organized and user friendly.

One thing to keep in mind, unlike trade shows, websites are an on going business 24/7 365 days a year. It is not only a way to generate interest in your product line but a means to create sales. There are no commissions you have to pay because it is your own website. It is a permanent place for generating sales. Also a good website eliminates the need for the yearly cost of printing a catalog.

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e-Productline Websites: This is our own developed database e-Commerce website program. Using our more than 15 years experience in the gift industry, we developed the e-Productline Program that uniquely addresses the website needs of all companies that sell products either at retail or wholesale prices. We feel the most important aspects of an effective website are the functions and features the website contains. Our e-Productline Website contain the most advanced website features you can imagine and far too many to list here. If you would like detailed information on the features see Website Features.

Our e-Productline Website can be either of the following:

  • e-Retail Website - Retail Shopping Cart
  • e-Wholesale Website - Wholesale Shopping Cart with Wholesale pricing and password protected areas

The e-Productline program is the easiest and most affordable way to get a fully functional deluxe e-Commerce website. Much of the time and frustrations of a website project is trying to make all of the decisions regarding the design, colors, features, functions, etc that need to be incorporated into a finished website. With the e-Producline automatically containing all of the above features and because many functions are offered, much of the your decision making is streamlined for you. The e-Producline allows you to concentrate on the colors and the design elements you may want to add now and which you choose to incorporate in the future.

Start up companies can take advantage of cost savings by selecting our starter package, which can be upgraded with custom colors and design elements anytime in the future. Our started package comes with a set of neutral colors that is suitable for any compnay's product line. This allows start up companies the most inexpensive means to getting an ecommerce website that fits thier needs and that contains an abuundance of features that can be used as the company grows.

Other upgrades can be structure modification, product attributes and installing custom modules to tailor the website to a company's specific needs. All of this allows you an affordable website that can evolve as your company grows. More extablished companies can incorporate these upgrades at the beginning of the project so they have a website that immediately fits all of their company's needs.

Project Process:

  • We do a preliminary consultation with you to get a general idea as to what you want in a new website.
  • We have you fill out our Project Questionnaire so we know exactly what you need in a new website.
  • We then provide you with a written proposal broken down into phases. This makes it easier for you to understand what is going to happen with your project. In addition we only bill you for one phase at a time to make the cost of the project more comfortable. If you want detailed information on the various phases please review the following Website Project Process.

What sets us apart from other website companies is the time and effort we take to get to know your company and your product line. We feel the more we understand your operation the better website we can develop for you. Other website companies launch into building a website with very little understanding of what your goals are. Using our many years of experience both in the Gift Industry and the Website Design Business, we are uniquely qualified to advise you on the best website project for you.

We understand you may not have the time and maybe the experience to guide a website design project, so we take the lead on your project. We have constant contact with you on specifics and numerous review phases so we make sure your desires are not only heard but also incorporated in your finished gift website. After all you have to get exactly the gift website you want.

We are experienced at coordinating every aspect of your website project and available to help you make good choices and meet time requirements. We will be there from the planning phases, when the website is being built online, the day when the your new website goes live, and after when ever you need us to answer questions or make new changes.

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